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Survey: Many Americans look to be prepared for an emergency


WASHINGTON A new Red Cross survey released Wednesday found that 68% of Americans have been involved in some kind of summer emergency, ranging from insect bites, heat stroke and broken bones to more life-threatening situations.

Americans plan to be very active this summer, as the survey found that more than 40% will go hiking or camping and almost 75% will go swimming. While people expect to be active, the Red Cross found that many were not confident they knew what to do in an emergency - less than two-thirds felt confident helping a heat stroke victim and fewer than half could help someone with an allergic reaction to an insect or snake bite.

The survey found that nearly 90% of Americans said they want to be prepared for an emergency, but they don't know where to start or what to do.

"With so many people outdoors camping, hiking and swimming, it's important that someone in every household get trained in CPR and first aid skills," stated Connie Harvey, health and safety expert for the American Red Cross "Learning these lifesaving skills is easier and more convenient than you might think, and Red Cross training can help people prevent and respond to life's emergencies - big or small."

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