Survey ranks sexual frequency, satisfaction among Americans


PRINCETON, N.J. Americans rate their sexual satisfaction as only just above average (6.5 out of 10) according to findings from a new survey released last week by Church & Dwight.

While U.S. men and women report having sex 84 times a year, or seven times a month, 71% say they are always looking for ways to increase pleasure in the bedroom, with 60% agreeing such pleasure aids as personal massagers could really spice up lovemaking.

The survey, commissioned by Trojan through StrategyOne and measuring sexual frequency and satisfaction, found that only about one-fifth of respondents were "extremely satisfied" with their sex lives and 1-in-3 were generally "dissatisfied."

As many as 62% of respondents reported a desire to have sex more often. Men (73%) were more likely than women (53%) to want more frequent sex.

Further, 83% of Americans believed good sex is an important part of overall health and wellbeing, and 76% said they are looking for ways to make their sex lives more exciting.

According to the data, sexual satisfaction is highest in Atlanta (73%) and New York (71%) and lowest in San Francisco (63%) and Philadelphia (64%).

Meanwhile, Houston residents have the most sex per year by a large margin, with residents reporting having sex 101 times annually. Atlanta ranks second in sexual frequency (88 times per year), while San Franciscans report having the least sex (60 times per year).

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