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Swabbies looks to give busy parents a hand

Swabbies Technologies, the maker of a unique, patented diaper cream delivery system, is looking to grow its in-store presence, the company announced Friday. Started by mom and entrepreneur Carman Campbell, the Dunellon, Fla.-based company sells it Supreme Diaper Cream in traditional 6-oz. jars, but it is looking to make a splash with its applicator that Campbell said makes applying diaper cream mess-free.

The Swabbies 13-g prefilled applicator features a squeeze tube connected to a breakable neck with a sponge applicator at the end. Once the neck is broken, users can squeeze the cream out and use the sponge applicator to spread it with one hand.

Swabbies currently offers three products — the jar, a two-pack of prefilled applicators and a combo set containing both products.

"The product is already available online through Amazon and should be on big retail shelves soon. We hope by year end," Campbell said, adding that Swabbies recently attended the Tampa, Fla., Prego Expo, giving samples to expecting parents attending. “While we are in the early stages of the company's development I feel this type of hands-on approach to marketing and educating the public will greatly aid in the success of our brand.”

As Swabbies attends trade shows — including the Florida Kids and Family Expo in late August — the company also recently brought its PR in-house, which Campbell said reflects its personalized approach to business and will allow Swabbies to reallocate resources toward its growth.

“I am confident of the company's ability to expand the presence both in the U.S. and globally by utilizing this new approach,” Campbell said.
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