Swine flu tally continues to climb


ATLANTA The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Monday morning updated its tally of confirmed H1N1 flu cases, formerly known as the swine flu.

To date, there are 286 confirmed cases across 36 states in the United States, with one death in Texas.

The CDC also announced it had been scheduled to complete deployment of 25% of the supplies in the Strategic National Stockpile to all states in the continental United States.

“These supplies and medicines will help states and U.S. territories respond to the outbreak,” the CDC stated. “In addition, the federal government and manufacturers have begun the process of developing a vaccine against the novel H1N1 flu virus.”

The list of states with confirmed cases (with number of cases in parentheses) are: Alabama (4), Arizona (17), California (30), Colorado (7), Connecticut (2), Delaware (20), Florida (5), Idaho (1), Illinois (8), Indiana (3), Iowa (1), Kansas (2), Kentucky (1, though the patient is hospitalized in Georgia), Louisiana (14), Maryland (4), Massachusetts (6), Michigan (2), Minnesota (1), Missouri (1), Nebraska (1), Nevada (1), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (7), New Mexico (1), New York (73), North Carolina (1), Ohio (3), Oregon (3), Pennsylvania (1), Rhode Island (1), South Carolina (15), Tennessee (1), Texas (41, with one confirmed death), Utah (1), Virginia (3) and Wisconsin (3).

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