Technology, self-care lower healthcare cost


Health is what you make of it. And judging from a recent public meeting held by the Food and Drug Administration, health is about to be made a lot less expensive as the agency explores ways to expand which therapy categories can be made self-selection- and self-care-friendly through communication or diagnostic technology in conjunction with a consultation with a retail healthcare professional. 

And that’s thanks to a number of factors, including, but not limited to, advancements in communication technology (there’s an app for that) and improved functionality in a point-of-care kiosk, such as the SoloHealth kiosk pictured here. 

That techno-clinical marriage may be a lot closer to producing a viable switch candidate than you might think. The technology already exists. All it’s going to take to really get this new paradigm under way is that first spark. That’s when the business of over-the-counter medicines really begins to take off.

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