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Trending 'float industry' driving retail sales of Epsom salts


SAN FRANCISCO - Growth across the niche "float industry" may be driving sales of Epsom salt at home, according to a release from the San Francisco Salt Company Wednesday. The category reached $127 million in sales on 12.5% growth for the 52 weeks ended July 10 across total U.S. multi-outlet channels, according to IRI data. Retail outlets that provide shallow tubs filled with Epsom salts are trending among consumers in search of deep relaxation experiences.

"Over the past six years, we have seen a huge upswing in our Epsoak USA made Epsom Salts not only due to the growing demand from the float industry, but also the loyalty of the float centers who continue to order our salts," stated Lee Williamson, president of the San Francisco Salt Company. "Float clinics have been trending towards USA Epsom Salt due to the pure quality, quick service and our satisfaction guarantees. Epsoak Epsom Salt baths at home are also becoming more popular as people become aware of the many benefits available through bathing with Epsom salt."

While in a floatation tank, outside stimulations such as sound, sight, touch, gravity and temperature are restricted as much as possible, allowing the subject floating in the tank to quickly enter into a deep state of relaxation. According to several studies, including one from a journal of alternative medicine, the beneficial effects of floating include deep relaxation, increased optimism and sleep quality and relief from stress, depression and pain. Others have experienced faster recovery from injury, reduced blood pressure, and enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Floating has seen exponential growth within the last few years and is one of the fastest growing niche industries in the country, the San Francisco Salt Company reported.

"The growth of the float industry has been mind boggling. It seems like every time we turn around there are a dozen new float centers that opened up," reported Ashkahn Jahromi, owner of Float On. "And every one who is opening seems to be doing it out of a love of floating. It gives me confidence that this is just going to continue to grow."

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