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UltuCup joins ranks of menstrual cup segment

Ultumum, based in Kitchener, Ontario has joined the menstrual cup segment with its latest product, the UltuCup. The reusable menstrual cup collects, rather than absorbs, period blood for up to 12 hours leak-free.

The company said that in the last decade, menstrual cups have gone from being a niche product to being a common alternative to traditional menstrual care products.

The UltuCup is made from 100% healthcare-grade silicone designed for the consumer’s sensitive anatomy. The product has air holes to assist removal, a bell shape to ensure proper positioning and a smooth rim for long-lasting comfort and gentle insertion.

The UltuCup is reusable, its packaging is recyclable and the starter guide is printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks. The product’s packaging, which features a minimal design, is supposed to ensure customer satisfaction and limit the product’s environmental impact.

The UltuCup is available in three sizes: Model 1, Model 2 and the Low Cervix Model. The Low Cervix Cup, or The Mini Cup, is recommended for individuals with a low cervix, or for those who feel that Model 1 is too long.
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