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WellPoint announces results of BC/BS OTC pilot program


INDIANAPOLIS WellPoint NextRx announced Monday the results of a recently-completed pilot program launched for its unaffiliated plan Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island where members had the option of receiving over-the-counter medications, such as Claritin, at no charge as an alternative to a prescription allergy medication for a period of one year.

More than 4,608 members took advantage of the program, saving them some $260,000 in co-payments for those members.

As a result of the success of the program, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is working with WellPoint to identify OTC alternatives-to-prescriptions to treat other conditions such as stomach acid (Prilosec OTC), eye allergies (Zaditor, Alaway) and acne (Proactiv).

“NextRx is consistently identifying new programs that offer access to quality medications that are more affordable,” stated Renwyck Elder, president, WellPoint NextRx. “Because of our health plan heritage, NextRx is able to work with our affiliated and unaffiliated health plans to review medical data with pharmacy data to then build programs that can help members with health care costs and improve their health.”

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