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Take Care Health Systems expands treatment for skin conditions, minor injuries


NEW YORK News that Take Care Health Systems now offers treatment for skin conditions and minor injuries is further evidence that the retail-based clinic model continues to evolve and implement valuable services to augment patients’ healthcare needs.


With more than 48 million skin examinations conducted each year that result in 3.2 million viral wart procedures and 3.3 million skin tag removals, that is a lot of physician time that can be diverted to those professionals working within Take Care’s 340-plus clinics spread throughout 19 states. For patients, being able to stop by a Take Care Clinic offers a convenient and affordable treatment option.



The same can be said for the other services now offered through Take Care Clinics, such as the treatment of skin irritations (contact dermatitis), the closure of minor cuts with Dermabond and an expanded scope of skin evaluation and treatment for skin infections, injuries and rashes.



It is no secret that the country suffers not only from skyrocketing healthcare costs but also a physician shortage and retail-based clinics continue to demonstrate the important role they play in today’s overburdened healthcare system. Industry observers can be certain that they will continue to see expanded services being offered at clinic operators nationwide.


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