AAM adopts ethics code for members

The Association for Accessible Medicines has established a code of business ethics for its members that manufacture generic drugs and biosimilars. The Washington, D.C.-based generics advocacy organization’s board of directors unanimously adopted the code, which sets up certain ethical and business standards and takes effect Sept. 1.

“The AAM Code of Business Ethics stands out from other pharmaceutical industry codes because of AAM’s clear recognition of the ethical value of access to medicines for patients,” AAM president and CEO Chip Davis said. “Our new code also prioritizes market competition as a driving force. The practices discussed in the AAM code represent behaviors and conduct that AAM companies have been demonstrating for many years.”

Though the AAM said it also endorses such international ethics guidelines as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Mexico City Principles on Voluntary Codes of Business Ethics int he Biopharmaceutical Sector, it noted that some member companies are separate from the global branded drug manufacturer signatories to that framework.

AAM’s ethics code includes general provisions about  guidelines about medicine safety, competition and clinical trials, among other elements, as well as sections about companies’ relationships to healthcare professionals.

“We must never take the ethics of healthcare access for granted,” the ethics code says. “Our companies believe in our ethical mission, and AAM’s Board of Directors has approved this Code. AAM looks forward to working with all stakeholders to expand access to generic and biosimilar medicines — the proven, reliable way to drive down the cost of medicine, which helps patients, strengthens our economy, and benefits our society.”