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AAP, FDS partner to boost pharmacy members’ profitability

The American Associated Pharmacies and FDS, a pharmacy-centric healthcare technology company, are partnering to bring AAP members ProfitAmp, a groundbreaking business analytics tool to improve their pharmacies’ performance and profitability.

ProfitAmp provides powerful business intelligence and a unique level of detail that cannot be obtained with other BI tools on the market, according to the company.

“FDS is committed to helping pharmacies improve efficiency while positively impacting their bottom line, a mission that aligns well with AAP’s goal of providing member pharmacies with tools to enhance profitability, streamline operations and improve care quality,” AAP’s vice president of preferred partners Tracie Heyrman said. “Partnering with FDS to bring our members impactful BI solutions from an industry-leading technology company was a natural pairing, one we expect will deliver significant value and rapid ROI, while improving patient outcomes and strengthening the pharmacy-patient relationship.”

Available exclusively to AAP members, ProfitAmp delivers a deeper look into pharmacy operations, including an analysis of dispensing data through the Pharmacy Management System to identify key dispensing trends, lost patients and income opportunities. It also enables AAP to design organizational strategies around the health of its community to improve member pharmacies’ revenues and profits based on aggregate membership performance.

“The goal of this partnership is to continue providing AAP members with the solutions they needed to excel in today’s pharmacy marketplace. Our business intelligence and analytics tools leverage data from their existing pharmacy systems to drive financial, clinical and operational growth, and improve patient outcomes,” FDS executive vice president of business development Rich Bukovinsky said. “We take pride in the continued confidence and trust that AAP has placed in FDS’ products and services, and look forward to delivering true value to its member pharmacies.”
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