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AARP CEO discusses affordable healthcare options in column; NACDS responds


ALEXANDRIA, Va. AARP CEO A. Barry Rand’s column regarding healthcare reform has received criticism from an organization representing the country’s retail pharmacies.

Rand’s column, “Health Reform Now”, in its July-August 2009 issue, discusses affordable healthcare options and the importance of reforming the healthcare system this year. The print version of the article included a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealing that some Americans are postponing treatment, including filling prescription medications, as a way to save healthcare costs.

Utilizing its Rapid Response Program, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ president and CEO Steve Anderson issued a response to the recent article on costs associated with healthcare reform.

Anderson acknowledged the fact that during tough economic times, patients skip medication regimens to save money; however, the effects of poor medication adherence is something not to be risked.

“As the nation’s most convenient and accessible healthcare provider, pharmacy plays a critical role in helping patients take the right medications correctly as a key consideration for healthcare reform. Technically known as adherence, this correct utilization of medications is essential for improving patient health and reducing long-term healthcare costs,” Anderson wrote. “We need to focus on medication adherence as a critical solution to help keep skyrocketing health care costs down. When visiting your neighborhood pharmacy, talk with the pharmacist about medication regimens and ask questions about how you can help save your family money on prescription medication needs.”

The NACDS Rapid Response Program was created to address inaccurate or inappropriate portrayals of pharmacy, or call attention to an issue that impacts the pharmacy industry.

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