ACC launches CardioSmartTxt


WASHINGTON — The American College of Cardiology has launched a free texting program that's designed to help prevent and manage cardiovascular disease.

ACC said CardioSmartTxt will provide support, information, advice and tips on heart disease prevention, as well as disease-specific states, via two channels — CardioSmartTxt Prevent and CardioSmartTxt Quit — which respectively are a six-month program aimed at the proactive prevention of cardiovascular disease and general heart health and wellness, and an intensive two-month smoking cessation support program to help users achieve smoking cessation goals.

"As the nation's cardiologists, the ACC plays a crucial role in battling this disease and CardioSmartTxt is an important tool in helping to keep America's hearts healthy by engaging with our patients and future patients through their phone or mobile device," ACC CEO Jack Lewin said. "By encouraging and helping everyone to live smarter and healthier lifestyles, we can help save lives."

Interested participants can sign up at

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