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Analysis finds highest-paying jobs for women are in pharmacy


NEW YORK Attention women: If you want a top-paying job, consider a career in pharmacy.

That’s according to a recent article article, which found that women are hitting the labor force in record numbers and more than one-third are working in management, professional and related-occupations. In this top-paying sector, women account for 51% of all workers.

Based on an analysis of U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau 2008 data, ranked women’s median weekly earnings as full-time wage and salary workers to discover the highest-paying jobs for women.  Taking the top spot was pharmacy.

Women pharmacists, who currently account for just under half of all pharmacists in the United states, earn a media wage of $1,647 per week or roughly $86,000 a year, according to, and earn about 85% as much as their male colleagues. This is a smaller pay gap than that of medical doctors, according to, where women make 59% as much as men.

Aside from an attractive salary, pharmacy is also likely to have more manageable schedules compared with say surgeons, who are pulling in 80-plus weeks, the report stated.

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