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APhA Foundation recognizes Kelley-Ross with innovation, collaboration award


SEATTLE — The American Pharmacists Association Foundation’s annual Pinnacle Award for Group Practices was awarded this year to Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group, the company announced Wednesday. The award, established in 1999, recognizes leaders in pharmacy, and is awarded alongside recognitions for individual career achievement and a government agency, nonprofit or association. 


"This is one of the greatest honors in our industry," noted Ryan Oftebro, CEO of Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group. "It is testament to the dedication and innovation of our team and the unwavering passion we all share for making a difference in people's lives."


Among Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group’s unique offerings developed in its innovation lab is its One-Step PrEP program, which allows patients at high risk of contracting HIV can walk into a pharmacy and leave with a prescription for pre-exposure prophylaxis drug Truvada. The pharmacy group also offers in-home medication coaching for senior living communities and recently discharged hospital patients and it offers a take-home naloxone kit, recently partnering with King County to supply naloxone to patients without a prescription. Kelley-Ross was recognized recently with the Washington State Pharmacy Association’s Innovation Award. 


“It's been an exciting summer,” Oftebro said. “To be recognized like this by so many leaders in our industry for the hard work we do here is truly humbling.”


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