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Ateb expands U.S. headquarters as Canadian arm announces new Kroll integration


RALEIGH, N.C. and TORONTO, Ontario — On the heels of the news that 1 million patients are having their medications actively managed through Ateb’s Time My Meds medication synchronization solution, the company announced on Monday a new integration of its services with a Canadian software company, as well as the expansion of the Ateb’s U.S. headquarters. 


Ateb Canada’s Time My Meds is now integrated within the Kroll Computer Systems network, joining the longtime integration of Ateb’s Pharmacy Line Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Kroll’s network. The aim for Kroll customers is that Time My Meds will drive script growth while streamlining pharmacy workflow and reducing extra costs, partial fills and return to stocks, Ateb said. 


“Since there is a natural synergy between both technology companies to improve pharmacy workflow, we are excited about the opportunity to expand our existing relationship and activate more solutions within the Kroll pharmacy software network,” Ateb president and CEO Frank Sheppard said. “By leveraging Ateb Canada’s predictive analytics and data integration, our intuitive platform enables pharmacy partners to reinforce positive patient behaviors, drive patient medication adherence, and provide them with a strategic, sustainable program.”


Kroll will continue to support Pharmacy Line IVR, which can expand access to pharmacy to a 24/7 basis. 


In the United States, Ateb is building out its U.S. headquarters, announcing its expansion to a 65,000-sq. ft. office building — nearly double its previously existing footprint. The company said that its $3 million infrastructure investment, it’s committed to the Raleigh, N.C. area while positioning the company for sustainable growth. 


“The building expansion reflects our success, as well as our commitment to improving the local economic landscape,” Sheppard said. “With 92% of Americans residing within five miles of a community pharmacy, we recognized a tremendous opportunity to improve healthcare delivery by capitalizing on community pharmacy as a healthcare destination. We strongly believe that reducing healthcare costs through improved pharmacy engagement is the answer to realizing true savings in the new healthcare ecosystem.”


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