Ateb convenes Community Pharmacy Advisory Board


RALEIGH, N.C. — Ateb on Wednesday announced that it had convened its Community Pharmacy Advisory Board in an effort to foster through leadership about the issues facing community pharmacy and suggesting solutions that would drive profitability. 


Among the big changes the board envisioned for the future of pharmacy was pharmacogenomics testing, which pharmacies can now offer through Ateb’s solution to help identify how patients metabolize their medications and maximize the benefit of patients's medications. 


“Ateb is a great strategic partner because they’ve been doing this a long time and have a full suite of solutions to the problems we face every day,” Jana Bennett, pharmacist and owner of Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies, said. 


The advisory board also discussed the important role community pharmacies play in helping patients choose Medicare Part D prescription drug plans during the open enrollment period, which opened Oct. 15. Ateb’s Patient Management Access Portal integrates with iMedicare, allowing community pharmacies to help their patients compare and choose the plan that suits their needs. It also discussed the importance of an immunization program, particularly for flu shots. Ateb’s solution allows pharmacies to target patients, track and document vaccines and then query to state registries. 


The advisory board members in attendance were Bennett, Nord's Pharmacy and Gifts’s John Nord; Graves Drug Stores’s Dared Price; Amy Baloh of Hometown Pharmacies and Michael Doscher of Bartle’s Pharmacy. 


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