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Avella highlights adherence, refill boosts from AdhereTech’s smart pill bottles

Avella Specialty Pharmacy is highlighting how its use of AdhereTech smart pill bottles for multiple specialty medications from various manufacturers has resulted in improvements in duration, refills, and the patient experience.

Avella uses the AdhereTech program for five specialty medications, in programs with four different pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Averaged across all patients and programs from 2015 through this year, Avella said AdhereTech has improved duration on therapy by 26%, fill rates by 9% and dose-level adherence by 15%. On average, the AdhereTech program generates 1-to-2 additional fills of specialty medications per patient per year, according to the company, which also touted the impact of AdhereTech’s additional support on the caregiver and patient experience.

The system sends intelligent reminders for missed doses and it is also able to determine if a patient may need additional care via proprietary data analysis that occurs on the backend.

In such an event, the system sends a real-time alert directly to an Avella nurse, who can review the information from AdhereTech. The nurse can decide to contact the patient to provide additional care, at the exact moment it's needed. Patients receive this full service at no additional cost, and patient feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with the average patient satisfaction rating at 4.7 out of 5.

"The use of AdhereTech has been a strategic part of Avella's overall efforts to increase medication adherence rates and improve health outcomes for our patients," said Avella executive vice president of clinical affairs and quality Assurance Eric Sredzinski. "By improving our ability to provide targeted support right when each individual needs it, this technology has truly optimized our patient care practices."
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