Azova, OneOme partner to offer digital health care solutions

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Azova, OneOme partner to offer digital health care solutions

By Sandra Levy - 01/31/2019
Digital health platform Azova is partnering with OneOme, co-founded with Mayo Clinic, to offer the RightMed comprehensive test through Azova’s platform.

The RightMed test is pharmacogenomics test that analyzes a patient's DNA to help physicians and pharmacists predict which medications and dosages may work best for the patient, potentially leading to more effective prescriptions, fewer side effects, and less trial and error to find the right medication.

The partnership will enable pharmacists to identify patients who may benefit most from the RightMed test, allow patients to request the test, and let providers order the test using Azova's single-source cloud-based solution, the companies said. As part of the Azova 360 mobile e-health platform, which allows patients to receive 24/7 clinical counseling and behavioral therapy from pharmacists and physicians, patients will now have easier access to request and purchase a RightMed test directly from their smartphone, tablet or workstation.

The healthcare e-commerce feature also will use Azova's  Secure Message Rx and secure TeleHealth video stream, enabling pharmacists to consult with physicians and patients to help interpret the RightMed test results.

"This is a breakthrough partnership that underscores Azova’s critical role as a middleware in providing accurate and transparent digital healthcare solutions to patients, pharmacists and physicians," said Ashton Maaraba, Azova senior vice president of enterprise sales and operations Ashton Maaraba. "Azova integrates into pharmacists' workflows, making execution at the point of care seamless. In today's world, point of care is not just a behind-the-bench service anymore; it's digital and everywhere too."

"We are thrilled to drive access to our RightMed test through Azova's clinical platform. This modernized digital healthcare platform revolutionizes the availability of the RightMed test and test result interpretation by directly connecting the patient, pharmacist, and provider through a single digital experience." OneOme CEO Paul Owen, said.

The RightMed test covers 27 genes and hundreds of medications across many medical conditions, including psychiatry, oncology, cardiology, pain, and more.

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