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Bartell taps LexisNexis Risk Solutions, eRx Network for prescriber validation


SEATTLE — Bartell Drugs has become the first user of the strategic alliance between LexisNexis Risk Solutions and eRx Network for its prescriber validation. The pharmacy chain will leverage LexisNexis VerifyRx to perform real-time prescription compliance checks within their existing workflows.

"We were ready to take the next step in prescriber compliance and needed a turnkey solution that would not take resources away from our focus on patients," Bartell Drugs SVP pharmacy Peter Koo said. "The VerifyRx solution enables Bartell to take advantage of timely, accurate and comprehensive prescriber data via the LexisNexis Provider Data MasterFile, using eRx Network's connectivity to implement a solution directly within our pharmacy workflow."

VerifyRx lets pharmacies use the real-time connectivity of eRx Network and LexisNexis’ provider validation service on more than 8.5 million providers. It doesn’t require maintenance or IT integration efforts from the pharmacy chain, the companies said.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Bartell to deliver the vast capabilities of VerifyRx and the value provided by the seamless integration with the eRx Network,” LexisNexis Risk Solutions VP sales, pharmacy, Craig Ford said. “Verifying prescriber data in the workflow process is critical to pharmacies. Our strategic alliance has enabled us to respond to the needs of Bartell and other chains to deliver a leading, compliance-driven solution while using their existing connectivity.”

Other features include such risk mitigation features as a custom user interface and reporting tools.

"The combination of eRx Network's reliable network and the comprehensive prescriber compliance solution of LexisNexis Health Care will help make it easier and more efficient for Bartell to meet compliance requirements through its entire chain of stores," eRX Network SVP Richard Brook said. "We are confident that the implementation of our combined solutions will add value to Bartell's processes without causing any disruption to their workflows or increases to their operational costs or development efforts."

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