Bartell offers vaccinations, education for international travelers

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Bartell offers vaccinations, education for international travelers

By Sandra Levy - 04/09/2019
Bartell Drugs wants to help those traveling internationally stay healthy during their trips.

The retailer, at 57 of its locations, will offer a customized medical travel plan for any destination. In addition, its travel consultant pharmacists also can prescribe and administer travel vaccines such as those for yellow fever, typhoid, and other conditions.

Patients during their appointments will be able to receive personalized information about their destination and potential health-related scenarios. Travel pharmacists will be available to make recommendations for necessary vaccines or medications tailored to the patient’s health history and destination.

All decisions made by the travel clinic pharmacists are based on the latest CDC guidelines. Bartell's also is encouraging travelers to visit the clinic 6 to 8 weeks before their trip, as most vaccines take approximately 14 days to be effective, the company said.

“When planning a trip to an international destination, trust your neighborhood Bartell’s pharmacist to help you with the right health plan. With the recent resurgence of illnesses like measles and typhoid fever, vaccinations are top of mind. Many of the illnesses potentially encountered in other countries can be prevented. Get the most out of your travel. Stay healthy and focus on the reason for your travels,” Bartell’s vice president of pharmacy Billy Chow, said.

Some travel vaccinations administered at Bartell’s include typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A, yellow fever, meningococcal, rabies and tetanus. All international travel medical planning should be treated the same regardless of the destination. Travelers should also keep in mind that some countries require proof of vaccination prior to entering the country.

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