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Bartell’s flu shot program gets underway

As flu season gets started, Bartell Drugs has rolled out its flu vaccination program. The Seattle-based chain is offering a way for patients to streamline the process of getting a flu shot by allowing them to register online ahead of their pharmacy visit for the immunization.

“Flu vaccinations can help reduce flu illnesses, doctor’s visits and missed work or school due to the flu,” Bartell’s pharmacy district manager Chris Simard said. “Getting vaccinated also helps lessen the symptoms and severity of the flu if someone does become exposed to the virus. The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get their flu vaccine before the end of October to help prevent the spread of flu before the season begins. Bartells can accommodate anyone over the age of 3 years.”

Bartell said its new convenience offering was partly a response to the fact that a recent report found the largest reason people don’t get vaccinated is due to perceived inconveniences and obstacles. The company said that while the online registration offering streamlines the process, it can accommodate patients without an appointment at all 68 of its locations.

Bartell also said that it offers an a flu clinic program any local business or retirement community with 15 or more employees or residents.
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