Bayer Diabetes Care rolls out limited-edition blood glucose meters


TARRYTOWN, N.Y. Bayer Diabetes Care has introduced two new vibrant colors of Bayer's Breeze2 blood glucose meters.

The Breeze2 new color meters will offer the same unique, easy-to-use features as the original silver Breeze2 meter, such as a 10-test disc that stores test strips inside the meter itself, so users do not have to handle individual strips every time they test their blood glucose. The 10-test disc is a feature that nearly all Breeze2 meter users agree makes frequent testing simple and convenient.

Bayer Diabetes Care introduced the Breeze2 meter colors, pink and purple, giving people with diabetes the option to purchase a multi-strip meter that matches their own taste and sense of style. The meter will also continue to be available in the original silver color.

Similar to Bayer's Contour meter, Breeze2 meters feature No Coding technology and no interference from maltose and galactose, making diabetes management easier. In addition, the Breeze2 meter has a small sample size, a fast testing time, a large memory and holds up to 420 readings, with averaging available for 1-, 7-, 14- and 30-day periods.

The limited edition Breeze2 color meters will be available at select pharmacies while supplies last. For more information on the Breeze2 color meters and to download a coupon for a free Breeze2 meter, go to

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