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Benzer Pharmacy partners with Bliss Healthcare for 340B program


Benzer Pharmacy introduces 340B program


ORLAND, Fla. — Benzer Pharmacy has a new partnership to help provide 340B drugs to vulnerable patient populations. The independent pharmacy chain announced Thursday that it had signed an agreement with Bliss Healthcare to work as partners in maintaining a compliant 340B program that creates opportunities for patient savings. 


“We are thrilled to share our success in meeting our mission and goals to provide quality services to our customers,” Benzer Pharmacy 340B solutions manager Ryan Geoghagan said. “Participating in a 340B program offers many benefits for contract pharmacies, including increased store traffic, better access to discounted medications and improved healthcare for patients. Our goal is to become the preferred contracted pharmacy to all the covered entities within this geographical area.” 


The Benzer Pharmacy location at 717 West Lancaster Road in Orlando will begin accepting 340B prescriptions for discounted drugs on Sept. 1. The company said it would soon be signing a contract with SunRx to bring a 340B program to its location in Vivian, La., and was pursuing a third contract with the Community AIDS Network for locations across Florida. 


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