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Benzer Pharmacy rolls out custom pill tray


TAMPA, Fla. — Benzer Pharmacy on Friday announced that it had introduced a new pill tray specifically for patients that take more than 10 medications per day. The new once-weekly dispensing system provides patients with removable cartridges for each day of the week that they can carry around with them. It’s also designed to be large enough to hold multiple medications for those on medication synchronization programs. 


“Taking medication incorrectly, or forgetting to take it, is one of the main reasons patients like these get readmitted to the hospital or placed in nursing homes,” Benzer pharmacy president Alpesh Patel said. “The versatility and detail of the custom pill tray allows you to eliminate the guesswork of administering your own medications and minimize common dosing errors.”


The tray sells for $7, and patients can get a free one by reviewing the pharmacy on, checking in on the company’s Facebook page, referring a friend, or putting a Benzer Pharmacy bumper sticker on their vehicles. 


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