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Bernauer addresses NACDS, emphasizes health information technology


PALM BEACH, Fla. Outgoing National Association of Chain Drug Stores chairman David Bernauer, retired chairman and chief executive officer of Walgreens, urged the industry to continue its emphasis on health information technology.

Bernauer noted that the industry could “save millions of lives and billions of dollars if it leads the way toward the elimination of paper-based systems within health care. In the last two years, SureScripts has gone from less than one million messages a month to more than six million,” said Bernauer, who hailed the “critical mass” that is building for e-prescribing. He also told the audience that now was a key time for pharmacists, as they have the opportunity to be more involved in their patients’ health care and the information they provide them.

The remarks of Bernauer are now being linked with announcement tomorrow by thousands of pharmacies throughout the country regarding a new public outreach campaign to boost awareness of e-prescribing.

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