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BIO rolls out ‘Innovation Saves’ ad


WASHINGTON — The Biotechnology Innovation Organization on Tuesday launched a new television ad that’s focused on biopharmaceutical innovation and its ability to save lives and money. The new ad is part of BIO’s Value Campaign, which the company said is working to highlight the value of biopharmaceutical innovation, the importance of protecting the development ecosystem and the need to ensure patient access to these innovations. 


“We all know people whose lives were changed or saved thanks to biopharmaceutical innovation, but what many don’t know is the impact these breakthroughs have on society,” BIO president and CEO Jim Greenwood said. “BIO is committed to not only defending the value of these lifesaving medicines to patients, but also showcasing the value they bring to the broader healthcare system.”


The ads highlight the stories of patients and their loved ones and will run across the country for the next several weeks, the company said. 


This ad will auto-close in 10 seconds