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Court strikes down lawsuit over Medi-Cal cuts


LOS ANGELES This past Tuesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled against a preliminary injunction sought by a group of health care providers to halt the fee cuts that would cause a 10 percent reduction in the fees given to doctor, dentists and other health care professionals, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Members of the group suing the state are considering appealing the matter.

The court determined federal law doesn’t allow private parties to sue over excessive rate cuts and those concerns should be addressed by the federal government. The case was originally filed in state court, moved to federal court, but then was sent back to the state.

According to Ned Wigglesworth, spokesman for the California Medical Association, one of the groups suing the state, the cuts reduce the reimbursement rate for a basic physician visit from $24 to $21.60—“less than the price of a large pizza.” He said doctors need to make at least $30 to $35 per visit to break even.

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