CSS Health to offer medication adherence, compliance solutions

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CSS Health to offer medication adherence, compliance solutions

By Sandra Levy - 02/07/2019
A new company, CSS Health is entering the medication adherence solutions' fray.

CSS Health will provide a comprehensive Medication Therapy Management, or MTM adherence and compliance drug packaging solution for health plans, pharmacies, facilities and patients.

CSS Health brings together Medicine-on-Time, a leader in multi-dose compliance packaging and prescription management software, and Clinical Support Services, a leader in MTM clinical software and services.

“Following successful trials and industry studies, we have launched CSS Health today to help pharmacies and health plans think out of the pill box with transformational adherence solutions that dramatically simplify and improve medication management for patients,” CSS Health CEO Guy Bryant said.

“Because drugs today are more effective but often come with a significant price tag, CSS Health is dedicated to helping pharmacies and health plans create real value through personal connections with patients aimed at helping them greatly improve adherence. Our ultimate goal is to empower patients with the support and services they need to reach their therapeutic potential in this emerging era of value-based and coordinated healthcare,” CSS Health founder of clinical support services and chief clinical officer Jim Notaro said. “The more we can foster the critical provider-patient engagement, the more we can help improve the lives of millions of people, many of them struggling to properly treat their illnesses.”

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