CVS Health’s ScriptPath wins PBMI Excellence Award

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CVS Health’s ScriptPath wins PBMI Excellence Award

By David Salazar - 03/07/2018
The Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute has awarded CVS Health its 2018 Excellence Award for its ScriptPath Prescription Schedule. Rolled out last fall, the prescription schedule is designed to offer patients a consolidated view of their current prescriptions that outlines when and how to take each prescribed medication.

“We are pleased to be recognized with this award for our industry-leading work to bring the ScriptPath Prescription Schedule to patients as we help them on their path to better health,” CVS Health chief medical officer Troyen Brennan said. “For CVS Health, this award validates our efforts to develop innovative programs that improve patient engagement and medication adherence, better manage chronic diseases like diabetes and help clients keep their health care costs down.”

CVS Health said that studies have found that patients see a decrease in adherence between 5.7% and 6.8% for each dose added to their medication regimen, and that hospital readmission rates increase by as much as 69% for patients who don’t adhere to their therapies — to the tune of $100 billion to $300 billion in healthcare costs. The ScriptPath Prescription Schedule was designed to use the proprietary Clinical Engine to review a patient’s medications, creating a schedule that divides the medications into as many as four dosing times per day.

The prescription schedule also marks the first in a series of ScriptPath efforts that CVS Pharmacy is undertaking. This spring, it is bringing patients the ScriptPath Prescription Label and Prescription Overview, the company said.