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CVS Pharmacy brings ScriptPath label, overview to California

CVS Pharmacy is unveiling its new ScriptPath Prescription Label and Prescription Overview in its 1,160 CVS Pharmacy locations in California this week, the company announced Wednesday.

The new prescription label and overview is part of the ScriptPath Prescription Schedule which the company debuted last October. The system simplifies and organizes key information, increasing a patient's ability to find and understand their prescription information and dosing instructions.

The new prescription label has clearer directions, larger text for better readability, color-coded icons for different times of day, easy-to-find prescription information, and clear refill details that make reordering prescriptions easy, the company said.

"Fifty percent of patients struggle with understanding how and when to take their prescription medications, and for those with complex prescription regimens it can be even more challenging," said Troyen Brennan, CVS Health executive vice president and chief medical officer. "By providing them with a clear and concise dosing schedule on their prescription label and overview, along with an easy-to-understand prescription schedule, we can help improve medication adherence and overall health."

The ScriptPath Prescription Management system uses a tool that automatically reviews all of a patient's CVS Pharmacy medications and prescribers' instructions to provide a schedule outlining the most effective times to take medications, CVS Health said.

Deborah Adler, a designer whose work includes Target's ClearRx prescription packaging system, invented and was the lead designer of the new ScriptPath system. She worked with the CVS Health team to develop the easy-to-understand icons and an intuitive layout for each of the ScriptPath offerings.

The ScriptPath system's elements are available in English and Spanish. The new label and overview began rolling out in early 2018 and was completed this week, the company said.
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