CVS/pharmacy announces launch of 'A Su Salud' health fairs


WOONSOCKET, R.I. CVS/pharmacy has announced the launch of its 2009 "A Su Salud" (To Your Health) health fairs, which are held to help build awareness about the importance of prevention and help promote early detection of disease.

The health fairs, which will provide free health screenings, will be held in such cities as Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston.

In 2008, the company provided free and low-cost medical screenings and services valued at $55 million to the community through the A Su Salud program and direct referrals from the events. This year, CVS/pharmacy renews its commitment to preventative care and again will offer comprehensive health risk assessments at more than 750 store-based events.

Of the individuals screened last year, 47% had high cholesterol, 39% had a high-to-moderate risk of developing osteoporosis, 27% had hypertension and 21% had diabetes, with more than half being diagnosed with diabetes for the first time.

Many of the health fairs also focused on cancer screening for women, who comprised 78% of the A Su Salud event attendees in 2008. This year, CVS/pharmacy again will partner with local and state agencies to host mobile units offering low-cost and no-cost cancer detection services for women, including mammograms and pap smears.

Once screened, CVS/pharmacy helps patients through on-site physician consults that analyze the results and refer patients to no-cost or low-cost medical facilities within that neighborhood, or to their primary care physician should additional follow-up be required.

For more information and a full calendar of A Su Salud events, visit or call (888) 604-0333.

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