Decision Resources: Diabetes-related nerve damage treatment could hold major stake in market


WALTHAM, Mass. A hypothetical company that develops a drug for treating diabetes-related nerve damage that has disease-modifying potential could corner 40% of the U.S. market, according to a new report.

Decision Resources released the report Monday, based on a survey of neurologists.

“Interviewed experts told us that there is a great need for disease-modifying agents that can slow or reverse the progression of diabetic neuropathy,” Decision Resources analyst Christine Helliwell said in a statement. “They note that currently available drugs focus on alleviating the painful symptoms and that there are no medications to treat the non-painful symptoms of the disease.”

The report, titled "Diabetic Neuropathy: Significant Opportunity Awaits Agents That Have Disease Modification Potential," also found that CNSBio’s investigative treatment CNSB-001 would earn Decision Resources’ clinical gold standard status in 2013, assuming it wins approval for treating the disease in 2012, though it does not have disease-modifying ability.

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