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DexCom to work with Animas on glucose monitor developments


SAN DIEGO A company that manufactures continuous glucose monitors for diabetics announced Tuesday that it amended its joint development agreement with another company to do business outside the United States.

Under the revised agreement, DexCom will grant Animas exclusive rights to its CGM technology for integration into Animas insulin pumps outside the U.S. Animas also retains the non-exclusive right to develop and market CGM-enabled ambulatory insulin pumps within the U.S.

Animas will pay DexCom a one-time milestone payment of $5 million upon the first regulatory approval of the new system outside the country and contribute $300,000 to offset a portion of DexCom’s development expenses for the new system. Animas will also obtain distribution rights for DexCom sensors and transmitters to users of the integrated system and will pay a royalty to DexCom for each CGM-enabled pump sold outside the country.

“Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires around-the-clock attention,” DexCom president and CEO Terrance Gregg said in a statement. “Insulin pumps and CGM can help reduce some of the burden on patients managing their diabetes.”

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