Diplomat launches online specialty pharmacy resource targeting both patients and clinicians


FLINT, Mich. — A new web platform has gone live from Diplomat, the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy reported Thursday. On Jan. 29 the company revealed a completely redesigned site that is "mobile-friendly, easy to use and primed for upcoming changes."

The venture, titled ‘Diplomat.is,’ is the latest tech project to emerge from Diplomat, a firm that posted more than $1.5 billion in revenue for 2013. According to Jennifer Cretu, VP information technology and marketing, the unveiling is part of a new move.

“We deployed this site to become a better resource for people with questions about specialty pharmacy care,” Cretu said. “More and more people are bringing those questions to the web, and this new site is an answer for them — a simpler way for patients and providers to find the tools and insights they’re looking for.”

Meanwhile, the site’s URL lends itself to memorable connections, ranging from diplomat.is/oncology to diplomat.is/copayhelp. The site’s content will be updated frequently and offer resources for anyone interested in the field, including patients, families, physicians and professionals across health care, Diplomat stated. 

“At Diplomat, we’ve always positioned our expertise so we can use it to help others,” Cretu said. “With this new project, we can meet those people no matter where they are. And this launch is just the beginning.”

For regular visitors to Diplomat’s previous site, diplomatpharmacy.com will automatically redirect to the new site at diplomat.is.

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