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Diplomat Pharmacy contributes to expansion of N.E.W. Life Center facility


FLINT, Mich. — The N.E.W. Life Center, a Flint-based ministry supported by Diplomat Pharmacy, on Tuesday expanded its facility, the specialty retailer announced. 

The community program is based out of the former St. Luke’s Catholic Church on Lawndale Avenue. N.E.W. Life Center founded N.E.W. Life Enterprises, a business that produces scrubs and hospital gowns for use in medical facilities along with other sewn items. The renovation and expansion will house work stations for the seamstresses.

St. Luke’s is located in Flint’s Civic Park neighborhood, which is protected by state and federal restrictions as a historic area. Plans to build a new facility have been put on hold as Diplomat works with the city and state to determine if new construction can be permitted. With current demand for products from N.E.W. Life Enterprises resulting in a two-month backlog of orders, additional delays would have been problematic. Diplomat stepped in to fund the $10,000 project to renovate the facility’s 4,000 square foot gymnasium into useable workspace. Sixty work stations have been built along with new light fixtures, electrical wiring and ceiling fans.

The final stages of the renovation and moving process were completed Saturday, Feb. 15, by teams of volunteers from Diplomat and Siwek Construction.

Currently N.E.W. Life Enterprises employs 26 women in full-time positions. The additional space will allow the business to add 20 new jobs and increase work capacity. “Diplomat’s goal is to support the Sisters and NEW Life Enterprises,” stated Phil Hagerman, Diplomat CEO. 



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