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Doxercalciferol now available from Roxane Labs


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Roxane Labs on Tuesday announced the introduction of doxercalciferol capsules, available in strengths of 0.5-mcg, 1-mcg, and 2.5-mcg in 50-count bottles for immediate shipment to wholesalers and pharmacies across the nation.  

Doxercalciferol is used to lower elevated parathyroid hormone levels in patients who undergo kidney dialysis. Roxane Labs’ doxercalciferol capsules is AB Rated in the Food and Drug Administration Orange Book to Hectorol (doxercalciferol) capsules, 0.5-mcg, 1-mcg, and 2.5-mcg.

Annual sales of doxercalciferol capsules are approximately $48.7 million.


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