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Drug maker releases foreign-language PSAs to promote awareness of hepatitis B


PRINCETON, N.J. Bristol-Myers Squibb has launched a campaign of Mandarin-language television commercials to educate Chinese-Americans about chronic hepatitis B, the drug maker announced Thursday.

The campaign features two chronic hepatitis B patients in 60-second segments with an educational message about the importance of seeking appropriate care that encourage people to talk to their healthcare providers about the disease. Bristol will expand the campaign next year to include other Asian-American audiences.

In the United States, Asians and Pacific Islanders are estimated to constitute more than half of chronic hepatitis B infections. A recent survey found that while many Asian-Americans are aware of the disease, many lack information and certainty about its symptoms, transmissibility, treatment options and vaccinations.

“We commend Bristol-Myers Squibb for this new initiative and believe it will have a positive impact among those most at risk for this serious disease,” Associate of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations executive director Jeff Caballero said.

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