DrugLogic adds two reporting programs to its offerings


RESTON, Va. DrugLogic has integrated two event reporting programs into its management and research system Qscan-ERM. The two reports that the system will incorporate the information from are, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and the Adverse Event Reporting System databases.

The data was originally released by DrugLogic on a two month schedule, but will be switched to “just in time” mode—that is, releasing data to subscribers as the data are released by the Food and Drug Administration.

VAERS, a cooperative program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and FDA, monitors the post-market safety of US-licensed vaccines. Incident reports are submitted voluntarily by vaccine recipients and are required to be submitted by manufacturers, health care providers and state program administrators. AERS is the FDA system containing spontaneously reported adverse event data on marketed drugs.

The announced offering will allow researchers to access and cross-compare data from both sources. In response to client demand, the DrugLogic Qscan system will be offered in both classic research and in workflow management configurations. Users can select from a hosted or non-hosted (internal) implementation.

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