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Early trials look good for new Lexicon diabetes drug


THE WOODLANDS, Texas Mid-stage clinical trials have started for a drug designed to treat Type 2 diabetes by allowing the body to eliminate more glucose.

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals announced Tuesday that it had finished its phase 1 trial and begun its phase 2 trial of LX4211, a drug designed to increase the amount of glucose excreted in the urine. Lexicon would look for a partner on the drug to commercialize LX4211 in the large diabetes market.

“LX4211 offers an opportunity to treat diabetes by increasing urinary glucose excretion through a mechanism of action that is expected to avoid some of the disadvantages of existing diabetes drugs that result in storage of excess glucose,” Lexicon chief scientific officer and EVP Brian Zambrowicz said in a statement.

The company said the drug was well-tolerated at all dose levels in the phase 1 trial and resulted in increased urinary excretion of glucose while showing potential as a once-daily treatment.

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