Emdeon processes billionth DoD pharmacy claim


NASHVILLE, Tenn. Emdeon has announced that it has processed its 1 billionth pharmacy claim for the U.S. Department of Defense, through its Pharmacy Data Transaction Service. The PDTS was created exclusively for the DoD, and is a data repository of drug claims information.

PDTS processes an average of 15.4 million pharmacy transactions monthly for the 9.3 million beneficiaries of TRICARE, the U.S. military health plan. PDTS conducts prospective drug utilization reviews on new and refill prescriptions - to help ensure patient safety and proper usage. Additionally, PDTS provides online verification of eligibility, drug coverage, quantity limits, co-pay levels, deductible/maximum benefit balances as well as facilitates pharmacy reimbursement.

“One billion claims processed for the DoD provides testimony of Emdeon’s ability to create healthcare technology solutions that help our clients provide higher quality medical care at a reduced cost,” states Emdeon senior vice president, John Long. “We have also developed technology to support coordination of benefits, Medicare Part D and NPI and we will continue to enhance our systems to support the goals of the DoD.”

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