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Epic Pharma brings generic meperidine tablets and isradipine capsules to market


LAURELTON, N.Y. — Epic Pharma on Friday brought two new generics to market, including a schedule II pain reliever and a calcium channel blocker. 


Epic launched meperidine tablets, the generic equivalent of Demerol, which is indicated for the relief of moderate to severe pain and is available in 50-mg and 100-mg dosage strengths in 100 count bottles.


Epic also launched calcium channel blocker isradipine capsules, the generic equivalent of Dynacirc. Isradipine is indicated for the treatment of hypertension and is available in 2.5-mg and 5-mg dosage strengths in 100 count bottles.


Epic Pharma began operations in mid-2008 by purchasing the Sandoz facility located here. The company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing generic prescription drugs in a variety of therapeutic categories in tablet, capsule and powder forms.


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