Etreby adds Rx-Net VSR pricing software to list of supported pharmacy software packages


BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. The Etreby Systems association has added a pharmacy operating system to its list of supported pharmacy software packages.

Rx-Net announced last week that its VSR drug pricing software package runs on Etreby, along with RX30, HBS, Liberty Rxite Quick, Cost Effective, Compusolve, PK Software and Pharmaserv.

VSR automatically populates prices up to 2,100 of the most popular branded and generic drugs with pricing data updated monthly from other, nearby stores. Rx-Net said the software allows pharmacies the flexibility to exclude certain drugs from pricing, adjust percentages and overrides to suit the local market and clientele.

"Now that we've branched out into a broader base of popular pharmacy systems, we can offer the ability of a larger base of pharmacists to deliver more effective health care to their customers by freeing up the time usually spent doing pricing research and dealing with the complications of third-party issues," Rx-Net president Michael Cannata stated.

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