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Express Scripts to advance consumer healthcare communication


ST. LOUIS Express Scripts has announced a new initiative aimed at advancing consumer communications in health care, inspired by $600 million in savings, a six-fold increase for generics in the statin drug category and new research results.

Following the availability of generic Zocor in mid-2006, Express Scripts combined financial incentives with an advanced and aggressive communications program. The result was a six-fold increase in the use of generic statin anticholesterol drugs– from 8 percent to 53.2 percent in March 2008.

New research evaluating the campaign, which generated more than $600 million in savings, found that the Express Scripts communications program was nearly two to three times more effective than financial incentives alone.

“Despite the predictions of classical economic theory, it’s clear that giving health consumers price information alone is not enough. Instead, communications and a more advanced understanding of the consumer are needed to accelerate better health and value,” said Robert Nease, the company’s chief scientist.

“The Center for Cost-Effective Consumerism fuses Express Scripts’ industry-leading research capabilities with insights from an advisory board of national experts in the science of human behavior and decision making. They are leading thinkers on how to structure and promote effective consumer programs,” Nease said.

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