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FDA approves Animas’ glucose management system


WEST CHESTER, Pa. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Animas’ OneTouch Ping Glucose Management System, Animas announced Tuesday.

The OneTouch Ping uses wireless technology to communicate with a blood-glucose meter-remote. The meter-remote allows patients to calculate insulin doses and instruct the pump to deliver them without touching the pump itself.

OneTouch Ping also works with ezManager MAX Diabetes Management software, which allows users to upload information from the meter-remote and insulin pump to a Mac or PC.

“OneTouch Ping provides patients the advanced insulin pump technology from Animas plus the OneTouch blood glucose technology they trust, put together into a system that offers the discretion, convenience and option of remote insulin dosing,” said Dr. Juan Frias, Animas’ chief medical officer and vice president of medical affairs.

Animas is a division of Johnson & Johnson.

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