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FDA approves Flublok Quadrivalent flu vaccine


FDA approves Flublok Quadrivalent flu vaccine


SILVER SPRING, Md. — The Food and Drug Administration has approved Protein Sciences’s Flublok Quadrivalent flu vaccine, the company announced Wednesday. The vaccine protects against four strains of influenza, three of which are found in trivalent Flublok alongside a fourth strain. 


The company said Flublok Quadrivalent is the first and only high antigen content four-strain vaccine approved by the FDA, with three times more active ingredient that other four-strain vaccines, making it ideal for patients with compromised immune systems, the elderly and others.


The vaccine is approved for adults 18 years old and over, and will be available at the beginning of 2017 in pre-filled syringes. Flublok Quadrivalent is made without infectious influenza virus, antibiotics, eggs, thimerosal, preservatives, gelatin or latex. 


“The U.S. has been trending toward the use of quadrivalent flu vaccines in recent years,” Protein Sciences president and CEO Manon Cox, President and CEO of Protein Sciences Corporation. "We are pleased to bring Flublok Quadrivalent to market to give consumers additional options, especially seniors who have no other high antigen content quadrivalent vaccine available to them.  We are looking forward to launching the vaccine next year and, in the meantime, continuing to make trivalent Flublok available this year." 


The company has a Flublok Finder feature on its website for patients to check availability. 


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