FDA approves Propeller platform for use with GSK’s Ellipta


 MADISON, Wis. — The Food and Drug Administration has cleared Propeller Health’s Propeller platform — a leading digital solution for respiratory medicine — to be used with GSK’s Ellipta, its dry powder inhaler. 


“While it is still in the early stages of development, the emerging field of digital healthcare holds great promise for respiratory medicine,” GSK’s head of respiratory R&D, Dave Allen, said. “The approval of the Propeller platform for use with the Ellipta inhaler will help us understand how patients interact with the Ellipta inhaler accurately and in real-time. By exploring the benefits of sensor technology in this way, we hope to gain valuable insights into usage patterns with the ultimate goal of driving improvements in patient care while reducing the complexity and cost of clinical trials."


The Propeller platform works to help patients better understand asthma and COPD and help improve the symptoms and outcomes of chronic respiratory diseases. Using its proprietary sensor technology, software and services, Peropeller’s digitally guided therapy platform combines information from multiple sources, among them connected medications, and uses machine intelligence to help patients manage their condition. The platform has been used in more than 45 commercial programs across the United States, including major health systems, payers and employers. 


“Inclusion of GSK's Ellipta inhaler in Propeller's digitally-guided therapy platform is an important step in our goal of modernizing the management of respiratory disease. We look forward to working closely with GSK to deploy sensors for the Ellipta inhaler in the U.S. and abroad, in the near term,” Propeller Health CEO and co-founder David Van Sickle said. 


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