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FDA commissioner Gottlieb touts record number of generic drug approvals in July

The Food and Drug administration beat its record for drug approvals in July, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb tweeted yesterday. “July saw the highest number of approval actions in the history of the generic drug program in a single month with 126 total approvals (96 full) approvals plus 30 tentative approvals,” Gottlieb said.

The Activities Report of the Generics Drug Program shows that June 2018 was also a month in which generic drug approvals soared, with 74 approvals, and 18 tentative approvals. In October 2017, the FDA approved 87 generic drugs. In November 2017 the FDA gave the nod to 87 generic drugs.

In December 2017 there were 78 generic drug approvals. January 2018 saw only 25 generic approvals. February 2018 had the FDA giving the nod to 32 generics and in March, generic drug approvals tallied 57.
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