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FlavoRx marks more than 100 million liquid prescriptions flavored


COLUMBIA, Md. — FlavoRx has hit a milestone in its mission to make liquid medicine palatable. The company announced Wednesday that through the more than 46,000 pharmacies that use the FlavoRx service, it has flavored more than 100 million liquid prescriptions. 


“Success in retail pharmacy is increasingly being defined by the shopping experience and a customer’s emotional connection to the banner,” FlavoRx and Fillmaster Systems president and CEO Stuart R. Amos said. “We extend the services of the pharmacy into the patients’ experience at home, as well. Children love to feel the pharmacy is thinking about them. We are proud to be a solution our customers use to enhance the experience they provide their customers.”


Among the flavors that are available through the FlavoRx service are grape, bubble gum, strawberry, cherry and mango. FlavoRx noted that the ability to flavor medication is just one way to offer patients a more personalized healthcare experience, citing a recent J.D. Power survey about pharmacy customer satisfaction. 


“Pharmacies that are cognizant of their customers’ needs – and their time – will likely continue to achieve high satisfaction,” J.D. Power healthcare practice director Rick Johnson wrote. 


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