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Former Del exec announces start-up of consulting firm, Retail Chain All Access


HARWICH PORT, Mass. Former Del Pharmaceuticals executive Mike Jones has founded a new consulting firm known as Retail Chain All Access.

The firm will provide consulting services to market leaders and entrepreneurial suppliers, retailers and wholesalers, as well as trade associations serving the consumer products industry. The firm will provide support to each area of the business, including marketing, customer strategy and overall business development.

Prior to establishing Retail Chain All Access in late 2008, Jones headed up the business development department at Del Pharmaceuticals. He joined Del Pharmaceuticals in 1997 as vice president of sales development and trade relations. With more than 25 years in the OTC/HBC industry, Jones has spent most of his career in sales and trade marketing.

Prior to joining Del, he was the vice president of Market Source Field Service, and in that capacity he oversaw the growth and development of Market Source into a national retail marketing company with such clients as CVS, Walgreens, Revlon, Colgate-Palmolive and Rubbermaid. Jones’ work experience also includes senior management positions at Schering-Plough Healthcare and Unilever.

Jones has been a member of many industry boards, including GMDC, RILA and NACDS, and currently serves as the chairperson for the NACDS Outreach and Business Development Work Group, Best Business Practices.

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